When you first start iCal, your calendars have no security enabled. This means that anyone can view your calendar, add or change events on you calendar, or even change settings on your calendar.

You enable security for your calendar by going to the Security form from your calendar's Administration menu. Click here to see the Administration menu for the Default calendar: Admin page for: Default, then click on the link: Security (Or go directly to it: Security page for: Default )

To start, you will probably want to make sure that no one else can change your security or other administration settings, so enter a UserID and Password for the Settings section. Remember the UserID and Password that you enter. You will need these to access the administration menu in the future!!

Note: When you purchase iCal you will receive a Registration Name and a Registration Number. These function as a Super-User login Name and Password that allows access to all features of all calendars. These are also used to access the Global Administration menu of iCal. The registration name is the login UserID and registration number is the Password. These values are case sensitive and any dashes in the number are also required.

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